Closest thing to WebFaction?

Hi, I might have found the closest thing (or even better) to WebFaction, when it comes to price/value ratio and developer culture!

I found it in this Reddit thread:

This guy seems to have migrated to SSDNodes. Check out some of the pricing:

9.99 USD / month, gets you 24 GB memory (is that RAM?), 120 GB SSD, 4 vCPUs!

This service seems surreal! Of course that may be part of the sales offer, but the offer was also there on Friday (in fact it expired while I was at work on Friday), so maybe it's a semi-permanent offer for now. Plus, they seemingly offer price-locking.

Check out some of their articles and get a feel for their mindset and culture... What is this? A self-hosting guide?!

I have a very good feeling about this!

Personally, I think I'll be moving my business to them. I'll let you know once I'm in, regarding their UI (or lack there of).


  • Thanks for sharing. Did you have a cloud plan with Webfaction? How managed are/were the servers?

    I just had a shared plan and have a small website just for a hobby, so I don't run a business on the web. Webfaction and Dreamhost seem to be the only ones offering shared hosting that can serve Django applications.

    SSDNodes appears to be a direct competitor with Digital Ocean and Linode. I've been considering Digital Ocean due to their one click installers, reasonable (?) prices, and extensive help documentation (granted you could use their help information while using a different host).

    SSDNodes seems a bit suspicious with their countdown sales. I'm never been a fan of that sales pressure tactic. Please share what you find out.

  • I have a shared plan too. I run a collection of smaller apps and websites, but I use python, php, postgres, git, static html, cron jobs, SSH, etc..

    What I really liked about WebFaction is the ability to deploy anything I needed. I've been looking into deploying a Seafile instance next...

    I've pretty much given up on finding a managed solution similar to WebFaction, at this point. So I've been reading the Digital Ocean documentation, and preparing to move to an unmanaged, pricier instance, that's why I was thrilled to find this... It looks great value for money.

    Now that a few days have passed, I cooled down though, and I found several other providers with similar pricing. Not sure about performance, but they advertise multiple cores, etc.. A quick search in Reddit for SSDNodes revealed to me that most of these services probably overprovision their packages. That is, multiple users share the advertised resources.

    I'll let you know once I've actually decided and have some hands-on experience...

  • look forward to reading what you find out.

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