What's everyone doing re email?

First - thank you for this forum, it is nice to find a place with other webfaction refugees. My question/problem; I have a few custom programs (golang) that will probably require a VPS of some sort. It just occurred to me though that some of the VPS' do not allow email hosting, and after more thought, it further occurs to me that I don't really want to manage email hosting myself anyways.

Has anyone found a VPS solution (managed or not), reasonably priced, that also offers an email service? I'm almost resigned to signing up for a 2nd account somewhere on an old-school shared plan, but am not sure how that will work with particular providers and dns re email vs web.

The old webfaction was one of a kind.

Thanks again!



  • I've gone back to the DreamHost for the time being. Their VPS is reasonable, though still more expensive than WF. And they do email.

    That said, running an email server is far different to running a web server. If you don't have high email usage, your host's email will probably work for you. But if you use email heavily, you probably should consider a dedicated mail solution.

    Because of the GoDaddy takeover, I've decided to host my mail with RunBox. I'm spending more, but if I ever want to move my webhosting somewhere else, I won't have to worry about dealing with moving email.

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