New forums are up and active

Hi all,

I've finally migrated all my sites to Opalstack. Unfortunately, I've not been able to figure out how to import Vanilla forum threads into MyBB forum threads. So for now, I'm leaving this forum, although I've disable registration and posting (at least I'm pretty sure I've done that).

In the meantime, I've installed MyBB over at and I encourage everyone to register over there. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to move these threads over. (In short, there were a lot of features that Vanilla offered that I was interested in, but they're only available in the hosted version, and not the roll-your-own version I have here. Hence the move to MyBB.)

I've also created a user-to-user forum for Opalstack users at since Opalstack doesn't have forums yet, and probably won't at least while they are still in beta.


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