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  • @yoon said: @klynton Are you going to offer affiliate program? We're planning to. Whether it makes it into the launch on Monday I'm not sure.
  • @bill321 said: klynton Just to let you know, your web page still has April 15 in the third paragraph. Might confuse some people. Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out. (You'd think after we updated it in 8 places we'd get number 9 too.)
  • I just realized I forgot to post an update here about us having to postpone the launch date to April 29th. @Paul said: Is there a chance we can see generally what your plans will offer, and pricing, before you officially launch? Pri…
  • @yoon said: @klynton Today is April 15! What time are you gonna update https://opalstack.com/ ? No specific time, we're still playing it by ear. (There's always one more thing that needs to be done.)
  • @jdvalentine said: @klynton hope all is going smoothly with your launch preparations. Things are progressing, whether they are smooth or not is a matter of perception I guess. I have a WF API based approach to extracting my mailbox…
  • @sneezyyzeens said: @klynton You have no idea how happy you've made me. I'm glad I remembered to check back on these forums (Thanks again, @kjodle ). The fact that you have Sean F onboard means everything to me because he was the one who answ…
  • @jdvalentine said: This is very interesting Klynton. I have a fairly large account with WF although not main sites - mainly 100+ domains, 200+ forwarders and maybe 30 mailboxes set up via the API. Also using the DNS in some cases. That wi…
  • Thanks for joining us here Klynton. I'm happy to have you aboard, and very excited about your upcoming project. I just signed up for the mailing list. Great! Thank you for setting this place up.
  • If they follow what they said in the email, we will be open long before any migrations start to happen.
  • Hey again, Since there are so many responses I figured I'd just do another post: We put up a quick landing page today: https://launch.opalstack.com I'm not quite to the point where I can give you specific details yet. So much has been built…
  • Hey folks, I worked at WF for 4 years (https://community.webfaction.com/users/10/klynton) and managed the sysadmin team for a while. Just wanted to say something is coming